Publication Charges

There is no charge to submit paper for review, but publishing a paper in IJME requires an Article Processing Charges which will be paid by the submitting author upon acceptance of the paper for publication. Being an Open Access Journal, IJME does not receive payment for subscription as the journal is freely accessible over the internet. It costs money to produce a peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted article that is ready for online publication, and to host it on a server that is freely accessible without barriers around the clock.

Publication Fee per Article (Maximum 10 Pages)

45 USD (INR 2300) including applicable Taxes

Above 10 pages

5 USD/Page (INR 300)

Cost of Hard Copy/Print Edition

15 USD (INR 500)

Cost of Certificate (Hard Copy)

5 USD (INR 300)

There are following different ways of depositing publication fees for the publication of accepted articles. IJME’s author can choose anyone according to his/her suitability.

By Online Payment Gateway

Using the payment gateway available on our website.

By depositing fees in nearest bank branch

With the acceptance letter, author receives the account information. Anyone can deposit fees directly by going nearby bank branch in that account number.

Processing Charge includes:

· Publication of one en